turntechgodkid replied to your post: turntechgodkid started following you hey, man.

sup egbert

not much, man. just kind of floating around over here. whoa, metaphorically and literally. you?

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1M W3LL! HOW 4R3 YOU? NOT D34D 1 S33, SO TH4TS N1C3

yep! i’m pretty alive as far as i can tell. glad to see you are, too. what’s new and junk?


Oh God No Of Course I Wouldnt Give You Those Intimate Details

Thats Very Much Personal Information That I Doubt Anyone Wants To Hear About

But Please Go On

What Happened To You

actually, kanaya, i’m sure there are some people who’d really enjoy hearing those kinda details. like the 4chan voyeurs of alternia. man, do you guys have that website? never mind, actually.

well. it’s kinda weird! i think i was reset, if that makes sense. because i have a lot of vague memories that kind of come and go. i thought all of this game bull was over but apparently not.

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Well I Sort Of Kind Of Have A Wriggler Now

A Son

Its A Rather Complicated Story And I Dont Want To Disturb You With The Peculiar Details

But What About You

Where Have You Been All This Time

oh man, i’m majorly chinhands-ing over here. you have a kid? cool. if you ever feel like going through the details i’m down! well. i mean, unless you meant explaining his actual conception, because i don’t think that’d be really fun to listen to.

um! well, i’m not really sure. i mean, i was positive the game was over and i was living my life or whatever, but then… actually, haha. it’s kind of weird to explain.


It Certainly Has

Ive Been Through A Lot Of Changes Lately

Im Living On Earth Now For Example

Im In San Francisco Actually

oh, sweet! i heard that place was really cool. what else went down?


Fuck, Egbert. You’re going to drown me in a sea of sappiness.

Eh, whatever. Shitty is as shitty does.
Glad you’re not in it, though.
And yes, that was actual concern, so fucking call the papers, Karkat the fuckface is concerned.

at least we will die with our friendship, karkat.
and in the end, that’s all that matters.

i resisted the urge to paste some lame-o linkin park lyrics in there, you should be proud.

i’ve alerted the press and they’re writing up an article quickly! the headline reads karkat vantas: the alien, john’s homeboy, the concerned friend? more news in section A9. haha, thanks, though. it means a lot, believe it or not.

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(( omg you’re back ;_; ))


Is That Really You

Have You Really Come Back After All This Time

yep! what’s up, man? it’s been way too long!


thats an overreaction

is it really?

because i think it’s come to this, dave.
i think the fuzz need to be involved if you’re continuing down this path.

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Oh, don’t flatter yourself, fuckass.

> The insult is only half-hearted. You don’t even have the urge to hit that capslock key like usual.

To tell you the truth, I’m not doing the best, but par for the course as you humans say.
What about you?
Been keeping yourself out of the shithole?

it’s too late. i feel so flattered. i’m actually trying hard to stay afloat amidst all of this flattery, and it’s completely your doing.

> Giggle.

oh. oh hey, man, sorry things are kinda shitty for you, then.
i’m doing alright, just kind of hanging around. far from this supposed shithole, hehe.

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how are you doing?